…beautiful strains of music were inspired by the environmental degradation of fracking. – Anya Wassenberg, Ludwig van Toronto

  1. Academy Awards of Expendable Meredith Hall (soprano), Brahm Goldhamer (piano), Susan Truxell Sauter (lyrics) 2:58
  2. Seduction Meredith Hall (soprano), Brahm Goldhamer (piano), Mary Heather Noble (lyrics) 3:05
  3. Digging Meredith Hall (soprano), Brahm Goldhamer (piano), Michelle Donahue (lyrics) 4:22
  4. An Orbital Tour of Cities at Night Meredith Hall (soprano), Brahm Goldhamer (piano), Rachel Morgan (lyrics) 2:19
  5. Earth Elegy Meredith Hall (soprano), Brahm Goldhamer (piano), Stephanie Schultz (lyrics) 3:09
  6. Lullaby in Fracktown Meredith Hall (soprano), Brahm Goldhamer (piano), Lilace Mellin Guignard (lyrics) 4:18
  7. Ag Land Meredith Hall (soprano), Brahm Goldhamer (piano), Wayne Mennecke (lyrics) 3:26
  8. Prophecy Meredith Hall (soprano), Brahm Goldhamer (piano), Mark Trechok (lyrics) 5:49
  9. For My Daughter Meredith Hall (soprano), Brahm Goldhamer (piano), Michelle Regalado Deatrick (lyrics) 3:36
  10. Shift Meredith Hall (soprano), Brahm Goldhamer (piano), Wayne Mennecke (lyrics) 4:50
  11. It Was an October Day Meredith Hall (soprano), Brahm Goldhamer (piano), Christine Pennylegion (lyrics) 3:24
  12. Homeland Security Meredith Hall (soprano), Brahm Goldhamer (piano), Alison Hawthorne Deming (lyrics) 3:32
  13. Phoenix Rising Meredith Hall (soprano), Brahm Goldhamer (piano), Kathleen Burke (lyrics) 4:23


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There’s a sense of total commitment which is very compelling…I really recommend it…highly committed music making.
– John Gilks, Opera Ramblings

I Am Who I Am Records is proud to present, Fractures, an album release of a new song cycle of music by Canadian composer Frank Horvat, performed by soprano Meredith Hall and pianist Brahm Goldhamer.

Fractures is an expansive song cycle that draws its inspiration from the environmentally detrimental practice of hydraulic fracking. Each song possesses its own unique narrative, yet collectively, the cycle weaves a compelling story, presenting different perspectives by twelve Canadian and American poets. As a result, there is a diversity of styles and themes, with recurring motifs of fire and water serving as integral threads to unify the work.

Fracking often lingers on the periphery of discussions surrounding energy options, given the perception that natural gas offers a ‘cleaner’ alternative to other fossil fuels. However, delving deeper reveals the staggering resources and chemicals required for fracking, as well as the heart-wrenching impact on both the land and the communities residing near these operations. This song cycle humanizes the issue by sharing varying perspectives and stories.

The cycle leads listeners through a revelatory journey, including with three epic songs, from ‘Digging’, to ‘Prophecy’, then ‘Homeland Security’, and with many emotional (and musical) twists along the way.

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Project funded in part thanks to generous support from:

Canada Council for the Arts

Recording funded in part thanks to FACTOR

Recording funded in part thanks to the Ontario Arts Council

FRACTURES - composed by Frank Horvat


Song Cycle


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Meredith Hall (soprano)
Brahm Goldhamer (piano)

Composed and Produced By

Frank Horvat

Recorded At

Humbercrest United Church, Toronto, ON Canada, by Dennis Patterson, April-June 2023

Edited, Mixed, Mastered By

Dennis Patterson

Cover Photo

Oscar Keys

Cover Design

Matthew Maaskant

Booklet Design

Lisa Horvat

Release Date

17 Nov 2023

Horvat’s activism and dedication to this project (and others) are reminiscent of R. Murray Schafer’s soundscape work and that’s a very good place to be.
– Sophie Bisson, WholeNote Magazine

Story behind the tracks

01-13 Fractures song cycle

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