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Innertation is a timeless memorable intelligent electronic composition perfectly produced. Horvat’s contemplative sounds encourage repeated listening
Tiina Kiik – WholeNote Magazine

It is time to make time and take the time. Innertation gives you that opportunity. It takes you on a 60-minute inward exploration where time becomes irrelevant, seconds turn into hours and an hour turns into not long enough. Let this piece wash over your inner thoughts to see what remains in the end.

Inspiration behind the album…

Innertation is a continuous 60-minute electronic ambient composition that I created as an extension to my meditation practice. I began composing this work in early 2019. It was completed while I was on an artist residency in the summer of 2019, at the Dorland Mountain Arts Colony, overlooking the desolate and peaceful desert in Southern California.

I have long been fascinated by the idea of looking inward. There’s nothing happy or sad about this work. It’s all about allowing one’s mind to rest and heal. I feel that once the mind is at peace, then the body can heal, the heart can open and love can flourish. And once an individual has attained that level of serenity, then their positive light can shine on the world.

Many thanks to my good friend and collaborator, Jean Martin, for his help in shaping the sound of this piece.
– f.

Innertation - composed by Frank Horvat


Ambient Electronic

Composed By

Frank Horvat

Mixed & Mastered By

Jean Martin

Cover Photo

Robin Schreiner


I Am Who I Am Records

Release Date

27 May 2022

Canadian composer Frank Horvat’s Innertation allows the listener to simultaneously listen to his music and deal with one’s own personal issues…Interspersed throughout are calming short silence spaces between the ear worm melodies…
– WholeNote Magazine

Story behind the track

01 Innertation

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