Love in 6 Stages

  1. Gaze 10:10
  2. Lust 10:24
  3. Bliss 10:10
  4. Fight 10:10
  5. End 09:58
  6. Void 10:01


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From Gaze to Lust to Bliss and on in a downward spiral, Love in 6 Stages takes you through the journey of an ill-fated relationship using the simplicity of voice and piano. Learn more about this album’s story…


Love in 6 Stages - The whole gang - Jean Martin, Frank Horvat, Laura Swankey

The whole gang – Jean Martin, Frank Horvat, Laura Swankey

Recording funded in part thanks to generous support from:

Vince Tieri & Rosanne Allen; Gerard Bakker; Alden Campbell; Adrienne Cohen; Susan Nagy & Scott Collie; Lesley Kempson-Marsh & Carlos Gomes; Brien Hayes & Sabina Song; Lorne Hiro; Jenny How; Dan & Melissa Lebel; Lorna Livey; Wayne Mennecke; Jay & Karen Moonah; Adam Nihmey; Ella Poret; Dianne & Rob Roberti; Ted Scheniman; Ozlem & Emre Sencan; Mimi Spencer; Michael & Andrew Peng & Cherry Wu

Recording funded in part thanks to the Ontario Arts Council
Recording funded in part thanks to FACTOR, the Government of Canada and Canada's private radio broadcasters.

Love in 6 Stages - Frank Horvat feat. Laura Swankey


Avant-Pop Songs


Laura Swankey (vocals)
Frank Horvat (piano)

Composed By

Frank Horvat

Produced By

Frank Horvat & Jean Martin

Recorded At

THE FARM by Jean Martin, April-June 2017

Mastered By

Peter Letros

Cover Photo



I Am Who I Am Records

Release Date

21 September 2017

Frank Horvat is one of the most inventive song writers to come out of the contemporary scene in Canada.
– WholeNote Magazine, Oct 2017

Love in 6 Stages, a work where minimalism meets art song and where the two milieus collide in the visceral physicality and psychology of love.
– WholeNote Magazine

Story behind the track

(album background info)
01 Gaze
02 Lust
03 Bliss
04 Fight
05 End
06 Void

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