Never Again Is Now

  1. Return to East Aleppo Frank Horvat (piano) 05:09


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The Aleppo Music Project

The compositions featured on this album were created or contributed from the impetus of tragedy and loss on a grand scale. World crises such as Aleppo have become all too commonplace. For every donation of $10 or more, you’ll get a free copy of the Never Again Is Now album.

Never Again Is Now by The Aleppo Music Project




Henrietta Atkin, Kenny Endo, Dos Floris, Frank Horvat, Sean Jackson, Juliet Lyons, Hareth Mhedi, On Ensemble, Rob Oxenbridge, Randon Purcell, Rannoch Purcell

Mastered By

Crazy Daisy Productions

Artwork By

Randon Purcell

Release Date

13 April 2017