Project Dovetail

Frank Horvat has carved a niche for himself among today’s composers, wearing his fragile heart on his sleeve…
Robert Rowat, CBC Music Fall Album Guide

dove⎮tail / ˈdʌv.teɪl / verb
To join or closely fit together harmoniously

This album marks composer Frank Horvat’s final release in a trilogy that covers the epic year that has been. He began 2021 with the healing electronic sounds of Happiness in a Troubled World, followed by solos for our time, Music for Self-Isolation, and now Horvat releases Project Dovetail. This latest emotionally fervent album, featuring some of Canada’s top chamber musicians, showcases the continued importance of art in our world.

Art inspires and opens minds to new ideas. Composer Frank Horvat has taken the art that inspires him and dovetailed it into music. Enchanted by Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, moved by political activist Vaclav Havel’s writings, and amused by director John Waters’ ‘hero’ Pecker, the music in this playlist-like album, of varied instrumentation, engages, stimulates, and entertains.
Why must modern classical music always be associated with intellectualism? Why can’t it also make people laugh, cry, or be scared? Why can’t an album of modern chamber music have a theatrical sensibility even though it’s instrumental music?
“They’ve created works that have impacted me. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce others to these inspirations by dovetailing our art forms together,” – Frank Horvat.
This album celebrates the work of two Canadian artists, who are masters in their respective fields – one, the best-selling author Suzanne Desrochers; the other, master printmaker Lorna Livey. Lorna’s Metamorphosis offers a fascinating insight into the life of an artist.

Through Frank’s musical interpretation of my novel, I was able to gain a whole new insight into the life of my characters…
      – Suzanne Desrochers, novelist Bride of New France

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I was thrilled to be invited by to participate in this collaborative work…I have long been a fan of Frank’s work as a composer and performer because of its uniqueness and creative risk-taking.
      – Lorna Livey, visual artist

Recording funded in part thanks to generous support from:

Recording funded in part thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts

Recording funded in part thanks to FACTOR

Project Dovetail - composed by Frank Horvat


Contemporary Classical Chamber


Frank Horvat (piano), Edwin Huizinga (violin), Kathryn Ladano (bass clarinet), Elixir Baroque Ensemble (Sara-Anne Churchill, Felix Deak, Valerie Gordon, Michelle Odorico), Elizabeth Reid (viola), TorQ Percussion Quartet (Richard Burrows, Adam Campbell, Jamie Drake, Daniel Morphy)

Composed and Produced By

Frank Horvat

Recorded At

The Canterbury Music Co. by Jeremy Darby, Jan – Nov 2020

Mastered By

Dennis Patterson

Cover Photo


Release Date

22 October 2021

A Secret Streamlet, a haunting duo for violin and piano; and Lorna’s Metamorphosis, a brilliant fusion of spoken word and percussion. – Robert Rowat,
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