POSTPONED: Earth Hour Music – live-streaming concert

Earth Hour Music - an introspective piano experience in the dark with Frank Horvat

Due to the State of Emergency over COVID-19 announced in the province of Ontario on March 17, this live-streamed concert has been postponed until further notice. Thank you for your interest. Wishing you the best of health!

Composer and pianist Frank Horvat returns for a special engagement, a decade later, with a follow-up to his original instrumental ode to the planet. Earth Hour 2 is introspective and powerful, a very personal reaction to the current state of our environment ten years on. Angry yet full of hope and beauty, this 60-minute solo piano composition, always performed in the dark, is similar in concept to the original but creates a very different in-the-dark experience. More meditative and self-examining it gives listeners time and space to become grounded within themselves.

Be the first to experience this otherworldly evening of piano music. Frank will premiere Earth Hour 2 for 1 night only in this special live-streamed concert. Experience the sound of the music and let your mind relax and wander.

(Eastern time zone)

7-8pm: world premiere of Earth Hour 2

8-8:15pm: intermission

8:15-9:15pm: performance of the original Earth Hour

This event celebrates the release of the new solo piano album, A Little Dark Music 2.

Frank Horvat - pianist and composer
A Little Dark Music 2 album by Frank Horvat A Little Dark Music

How has your relationship with climate change changed over the past 10 years? Earth Hour 1, released exactly ten years ago, was performed in over 60 cities across North America on the Green Keys Tour, which brought the message of sustainability and environmental information to communities across Canada and into the US. The world has changed in ten years, Earth Hour 2 offers a brand new introspection to spur a new dialogue.

SAT. MARCH 28, 2020 @ 7PM ET

Performed LIVE from Arraymusic Toronto

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