19th Annual World Sound Healing Day


Feb 14, 2021    
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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Join 21 beautiful bearers of music, sound healing and the spoken word for the 19th Annual World Sound Healing Day, founded by Jonathan Goldman. This Awake TV Special presents sounds and music created and performed from high heart vibration with the intention of creating coherence and healing.

This event begins with a heart-centered meditation then weaves a beautiful tapestry of sounds from our hearts with the group intention of planetary healing and transformation.

We come together as a group at the closing of our sound sharing to share more with you about music’s true role in the Universe – to restore order, harmony and balance, while aligning ourselves, our planet and the cosmos.
Featuring 21 Special Guests:
Amikaeyla Gaston, Amy Camie, Annie May Willis, Bruce Cryer, Bryan Pezzone, Dana Tomasino, David Eby, Don Dailey, Frank Horvat, Frederick Johnson, Gary Malkin, Jeralyn Glass, Jonathan Goldman, Dr. Kathleen Riley, Kimberly Haynes, MB Gordy, Paul Luftenegger, Ruth Cunningham, Shawn Gallaway, Sonny Singh, Vito Gregoli  

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Annual World Sound Healing Day

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