Album Release: Aboriginal Inspirations


Apr 21, 2017    
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Embassy of Bulgaria
325 Stewart St., Ottawa

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Bulgarian-Canadian violinist, Ralitsa Tcholakova, releases her new album, Aboriginal Inspirations at the Bulgarian Embassy in Ottawa (by invitation only).

The pieces on this album are composed by eight Ottawa-based or born composers (Kevork Andonian, Christine Donkin, Victor Herbiet, Frank Horvat, Ron Korb, Jen McLachlen, Daniel Mehdizadeh, Evelyn Stroobach) whose music was inspired by Canadian aboriginal myths, legends, symbols or issues. Frank Horvat’s composition, The Man, The Snake and The Fox, is included on this chamber music album.

Album Release Notes:
The musical compositions highlight the spiritual values of aboriginal people and in so doing seek to encourage a dialogue between generations and cultures mediated through art and culture. Music has the unique ability to transform an artist’s feelings and ideas into a powerful cultural phenomenon that embraces the past, the present and the future. This project embraces and celebrates in musical form the universal need for love and forgiveness.

Aboriginal Inspirations
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