Album Release: You Haven’t Been


Sep 20, 2017    
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I Am Who I Am Records celebrates the release of solo piano album You Haven’t Been.

“…so deeply personal that listening to the music requires an intrusive mindset…recording the events of this long and difficult expedition in deeply personal and profoundly beautiful music.”
– The WholeNote Magazine

  1. Crossroads Where I Stand Frank Horvat 03:51
  2. Despair Frank Horvat 02:47
  3. An Understated Resolve Frank Horvat 03:42
  4. Realizations Frank Horvat 03:10
  5. Goodbye Louisa Frank Horvat 04:30
  6. Desolate Heart Frank Horvat 02:46
  7. Crestfallen Frank Horvat 03:09
  8. Just One Moment Frank Horvat 02:32
  9. Longing Frank Horvat 03:40
  10. My Fractured Soul Frank Horvat 03:07
  11. Silent Struggle Frank Horvat 02:35
  12. Distant Frank Horvat 03:24
  13. Diverging Crossroads Frank Horvat 08:32


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