Cork International Film Festival

Cork International Film Festival


Nov 06, 2020    
8:45 am - 9:45 am


The Gate Cinema - Screen 3
N Main St, Centre, Cork, T12 KN88

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Sunny Stanila‘s experimental short, ‘A Little Loopy’, created for Frank Horvat’s harp composition by the same name has been selected for a screening in Ireland at the Cork International Film Festival.

‘A Little Loopy’ is a piece of visual music hand drawn using colour inks on transparent 16mm film. The visuals explore the emotional and textural nature of the music using the extreme enlargement of the drawing. The music gives a sense of a constant beginning and this sensation is sometimes mirrored, sometimes juxtaposed in the visual treatment, creating a dialogue between the sound and the image.

The film will be screened on November 6 in Cork but it will also be available online from Nov 9-15 at their Virtual Festival.

This composition is from Frank Horvat’s album, What Goes Around.

Thanks to generous support from:

Recording funded in part thanks to FACTOR

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