Fractures album

Four Season Videos!

Arctic Expedition!
Svalbard is an Arctic archipelago just 10 degrees latitude from the North Pole. Find out more about why I’m there.

With bassoonist Sébastien Malette, capturing the majesty of Canadian landscapes as photographed by Michelle Valberg. Learn more.

Big Inter-Arts Project
Childhood memories explored through music, film and live performance. A collaboration between Frank, Gunilla Josephson and Thin Edge New Music Collective. Learn More.

More Rivers
Celebrated pianist and Order of Canada recipient, Christina Petrowska Quilico, has commissioned a new suite of solo piano pieces called More Rivers. Learn More.

Acclaimed soprano, Meredith Hall, has commissioned this large-scale song cycle that looks at the fracking of our land and the fractures in our hearts. Learn More.

SHHH!! Ensemble
The environmentally passionate SHHH!! Ensemble has commissioned a concert-length electro-acoustic work for piano and percussion. Find out more.

NOW Available. Journey from oblivion to hope with this timely new album featuring the Odin Quartet. Listen here.

This new event is geared to college/university music students, specifically addressing the mental health challenges of a life in music. Learn more

Toronto. Canada.