Help those touched by mental illness with this piano album

High Notes Avante Productions - using the power of words and music to help those touched by mental illness

Composer and pianist, Frank Horvat, has just released an introspective solo piano album entitled, You Haven’t Been. Inspired by Frank’s struggles with anxiety and depression the title reflects life hasn’t been all good. “It was sometimes easier to write a piece of music than deal with my moods in a conversation with a loved one or rationalizing them in my head.”

You Haven't Been - composed & performed by Frank Horvat


“With half the world suffering from mental health issues right now, it is a mild catastrophe, frankly. We have to deal with this now.”

Purchase this special album and get a CD mailed to you with all profits from this sale donated to High Notes Avante Productions. Thank you for helping those with mental illness move forward.

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