10 Things I’m Giving Thanks for this Thanksgiving!

1. Hair (Hey, I’m 41 and I still have lot’s of it!)

2. My wife

3. A family that supports and encourages me unconditionally.

4. The freedom to do what I love as a living.

5. A wonderful country to live in (although this might change if a certain “person” named Stevie Harper get’s re-elected Oct 19).

6. Access to healthy food and clean water.

7. Technology – it provides me efficient ways to communicate, create music and be entertained and engaged.

8. Philip Glass – what would our world be like without his music?

9. The fact that there’s still more people out there who prefer love than hate.

10. Survival. I’m still here and there’s been no guarantee that I should be.

So as you nibble on your turkey leg this long weekend, think about your 10 things and give thanks…I know I will. Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all a good-night!


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