Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup

10 What Ifs

1. What if every single person on planet earth realized that climate change is serious and instantly implemented change to stop it?

2. What if the Toronto Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup?

3. What if Lisa and I had absolutely no health problems?

4. What if Jack Layton had not died?

5. What if my paternal grandmother had not gone into that salon to get her hair done in a small Slovenian city in the late 1960s?

6. What if Ottawa school teachers had not gone on strike in 1992?

7. What if Donald Trump was the host of the Nature of Things and David Suzuki was the President of the United States?

8. What if all debt everywhere was wiped out with the click of a key? (Yes, I know this has already been covered on Mr. Robot;))

9. What if that car had not swerved onto the sidewalk as I got off the streetcar on College St. in 1994?

10. What if all human beings lost the ability to hate?

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