Summer 2021

5 Things I’m Looking Forward to This Summer

1. Scoring. I just blinked and have realized that many of my compositions for acoustic instruments need their score (aka sheet music) to be updated. In the past, I have had a love-hate relationship in prepping the score and parts for my compositions. But I’m feeling excited about getting these revisions done. I’m proud of this creative output and it’s important to me that the outcome of that creativity is best represented in its graphic form.

2. Resting. It’s been a busy bunch of weeks/months/years/life. This summer, I’m committing myself to on occasion not working. Reading a book, sitting under a tree by the lake in the park, watching some sports on TV…whatever downtime activity my soul and spirit desire at that moment, I shall give it. I don’t really have a set schedule this summer so it will be nice to decide just on the day what to do…shall I work on some music? Take a full day, half day, or a couple of hours off? There’s a bunch of exciting projects in the works for the future so I know it will get hectic again. So I will take advantage of the free time now.

3. Learning. I feel it’s so important for me to read more this summer and take some courses. I’m committed to broadening my horizons and even going out of my comfort zone. So many amazing learning opportunities online right now. I have no excuse not to broaden my wisdom.

4. Exploring. I need to see new things and get out and explore. While I am blessed to live in such a beautiful part of Toronto and have a very comfortable home, this past year has been too much of the same view day-in day-out because of the pandemic. Traveling far distances is still a question mark so I’m looking forward to doing short trips to the beautiful nature that surrounds Toronto. And it would be wonderful to also visit the many other parks within Toronto. While the weather is warm, I need to reconnect with nature and spend as much time outdoors as possible.

5. Being (even more) creative. As I’m taking the summer off from teaching, this is a perfect time for me to complete incomplete compositions, get a head-start on new compositions, and plan for future projects and collaborations. Above and beyond just having free time, I’m excited about spending time being creative this summer because of the influence the above points will have on my process and point-of-view.

It’s going to be an amazing bunch of weeks. I’m very much looking forward to it. Now it’s your turn…what are you looking forward to this summer?

Summer 2021

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