Photography by Anita Zvonar

I Blushed Twice This Week

I don’t blush too often. So I guess that’s why I’m hyper-aware that it happened twice this past week…

The first time was Tuesday when I read the latest edition of WholeNote Magazine and came across an in-depth review of my 4 new albums.

Mr. Da Gama’s review contained such beautiful prose. I had never heard my music described the way he did. It even changed the way I perceive my own music. I hope I don’t come across as being happy about this just because the review was so positive. The experience of reading this went to a far deeper place emotionally…thus the blood rushing to my cheeks:)!

The second episode of blushing-ness took place late Thursday afternoon. Lisa was editing the latest video from the new albums. It’s part of our regular routine to give each other feedback on works in progress and it’s always a treat for me to see something for the first time. But for some reason, the imagery that Lisa came up with for my bass clarinet and electronics composition, 08/14/13 – Cairo, really shook me up big time…

It’s hard for me to put into words how it felt inside to hear my music set to those images. The suggestiveness of what I was viewing made me feel like I was in Cairo that awful day. Often, many think that patterns (whether aural or visual) are purely abstract in nature and don’t directly reflect the reality of human behaviour. But somehow, Lisa’s visual patterns defied this principle and made me connect with my composition in a personal, direct way that I had not in the many years that it has been a part of my life.

So after all the excitement around last week’s album release festivities, I thought this week was going to be way more low key. Thanks to Raul and Lisa, the heart got revved up all over again.

Photography by Anita Zvonar

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