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Change in Plans…

March 17, 2020: Change in plans again… Due to the State of Emergency over COVID-19 announced in the province of Ontario on March 17, this live-streamed concert has been postponed until further notice. Thank you for your interest. Wishing you the best of health!

Dear Friends,

It has been such a difficult week for so many. Some are getting sick. Others have lost opportunities to earn a living. For myself, I have made the difficult decision to cut my upcoming performance residency from 5 concerts to 1 and the coming days will tell if I even cut the 1 that remains. Thanks to technology, I still have the opportunity to share my new piano music via live stream so you can still tune in from the comfort of your own home. I hope you will be able to join me. Time will tell on the status of my other projects.

Our new reality is that for the next weeks and possibly months, self-isolation and quarantine are going to be a regular way of life. It’s important that we still enrich ourselves and connect with one another. It’s always best to connect in person, but I guess technology will allow us to experience the next best thing. Let’s support artists and freelancers who are looking to quickly reinvent how they do things. Let’s make a new initiative to be more healthy so no pesky virus can attack us. Finally, let’s focus on love, gratitude and patience. That above all else will allow us to get through anything, no matter how large.

Best wishes and best of health, f.

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