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Don’t Want To Die of COVID? Get Healthy!

In the past number of weeks, we have been bombarded with constant media messaging that tells us the way we can avoid contracting COVID-19 is by physical distancing from others, washing hands and wearing a mask. I don’t dispute that. But why do I never hear medical experts or the government encouraging us to get more healthy?!?

According to a recent extensive study of 17 million people in England, people with pre-existing or underlying medical conditions are at a higher risk of dying from COVID-19. These include people with diabetes, morbid obesity, severe asthma, and respiratory, chronic heart, liver, autoimmune, and neurological diseases.

That means if you truly try to find new ways to manage these conditions or diseases, you have a very very good chance to survive COVID!

Perhaps our leaders purposely don’t talk about this since they think we’re incapable of bettering ourselves and think we’re too fragile for such a task. Well, I disagree! We humans are biologically wired to do what it takes to survive. When the going get’s tough, the tough get’s going. If you smoke, this would be great time to quit. If you eat unhealthy food, change your diet. If you don’t exercise, get out there and go for a walk.

So if you have some work to do in this area, please go for it! You are so worth it! Don’t wait for a vaccine…who knows when that’s coming and if it will even work when it does. You don’t need a lot of money or time to make a difference. According to an article this week, we can solve the pandemic in just 30 days for about $2 per person. With a bit of will-power, advice from experts and support from friends and family, you can make major in-roads in improving your health in a really short amount of time. COVID is taking advantage of our unhealthy world. If we are at war with this virus, then we have to put up the best “inter-galactic shield” to protect ourselves…a healthy body!


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