Frank Horvat is feeling fine!

I Feel Just Fine

I want to thank everyone for your words of encouragement after last week’s blog post. I’m very touched to have gotten so many messages of support. This life in the arts can wear you down sometimes. This week, I’ve tried 3 things:

1. Sleep more so my brain can function at better capacity when I’m awake.
2. Lessen my personal expectations of having to come up with and/or create a masterpiece everyday.
3. Appreciate and accept the fact that my life as a composer is filled with a routine (sometimes tedious)…sort of like being a labourer. The magic happens through this daily routine. It’s rarely like the climax of an inspirational Hollywood epic. It happens little by little, day by day. If I punch in in the morning and punch out at night, good things will continue to happen – guaranteed!

Without the support of folks like you, realizations like these are not possible.

Thank you!

Frank Horvat is feeling fine!

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