What You Can Do About Climate Change (Photo by Muhammed Fayiz on Unsplash)

Fighting Climate Change…as guided by David Suzuki!

I really like the David Suzuki Foundation’s list of 10 ways we can all help fight climate change. I highly encourage you to read and share it. I find it to be a great resource and benchmark to assess where I’m at in controlling my own carbon footprint.

Here are some things that stood out to me personally…

#1 Having passion for wanting to make change to better your own life and the rest of the planet is a great first step. You might think that writing a letter to a politician doesn’t make a difference, but if we all did, then it would make an impact in bringing about more ground-breaking legislation.

#2 I used to have a Prius but sold that a few years ago. If you live in a city, car ownership is often unnecessary unless it’s a fundamental part of your job.

#3 I’m doing most of these things although I live in a condo so using a dryer is a must. It’s pretty stupid that my condo has a rule that you’re not allowed to dry your clothes on a balcony. Very different in Europe where you see clothes hanging from all apartments. In fact in Europe, most households don’t even have a dryer.

#4 This is one I wish I could be better at. Of the 4 points, I’m only doing the organic and not wasting. Because of my paleo diet, being an omnivore is a must. Mind you, my portions of meat are small and we only purchase organic and grass-fed products which is better environmentally than chemical-filled meat…still. I wish I could grow my own food but living in a condo makes that tricky.

#5 I’m very passionate about this. I admire the minimalist mentality about stuff and I’m getting to be an expert. Living in a small space helps you get there and saves you lot’s of money…and you’ll be happier too!

#6 & #7 This is huge. If you’re an investor in stocks, mutual funds, or pensions, are you helping fund an archaic business model that’s on it’s way out?

#8 Anytime anyone says tax, it’s easy to freak out. But a carbon tax would be different. If we have a strong carbon tax policy, it would be the perfect incentive for corporations to transition their output to a green economy. You know it’s a good idea when the oil companies even want it!

#9 Voting is so low on this list but arguably it’s the most important. Regardless of what individuals or companies do on their own, if we don’t have a comprehensive mandate of rules to be followed by everyone, it won’t be as impactful and bring about change quickly enough. Vote for the party that has the best plan to curb our carbon footprint.

#10 This is also important. We, the people, have the power to change the world. We have proven it over and over. If we collectively stand up, the powers that be will listen and make change. Keep standing up and being heard as you make your own changes. We can do this!!

What You Can Do About Climate Change (Photo by Muhammed Fayiz on Unsplash)

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