Glove Box Donation

The gloves that keep on giving

I got lucky and I hope some other people will too! I ordered gloves for the band merch table at 4imprint. I was leery about the whole process (those reasons are a whole other story). When the box arrived with the finished gloves, one of my fears was realized… the printing on the gloves didn’t turn out the way I thought it would.

If you are doing a study on great customer service, take a look at 4imprint. They were amazing! Quick and friendly. They worked hard to find a solution and before I knew it another box of gloves, that looked great, arrived at my doorstep at no additional cost to me!

And, now the best part… I still have that first box of gloves to donate to an org who could really use them. So, any thoughts?

What’s the best Toronto charity to give these to??

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