ORMTA Colleagues

I heard the news today…

I woke up this morning to check out my Facebook newsfeed and see that a music teaching colleague from Saskatoon had passed away suddenly yesterday. I am devastated and my heart is broken.

Noreen Wensley was the most passionate, positive and driven people I ever met. I first met Noreen in 2010 when she helped organize the Saskatoon stop of the Green Keys Tour. We then crossed paths in 2013 in Halifax at the CFMTA Convention, and we had a blast (as the picture above/below attests to). We then had a chance to hang out even more in Vancouver last summer at the most recent CFMTA Convention.

Have you ever met someone only sparingly in life but their spirit and aura etches into your heart and soul so you think about them quite often? Well this was Noreen for me. The smile, the candour and the love of life. It was infectious.

Having conversations with Noreen, you could tell that she was passionate about teaching. She was always searching for new ideas. She was the definition of the life-long learner. She never seemed to be satisfied with the status quo. I liked that about her.

I’ve used this blog often to talk about making the most of life and not wasting time with anything negative or superfluous. Only do what you have passion for! Well, it’s from people like Noreen that I’ve learned the meaning of this. Noreen has reminded me yet again that I have so much I would like, and need, to do in this life and I mustn’t waste one bit of time to get going on it!

Even up to the very end, Noreen was having new adventures. And while she has left this world way too early, I admire her greatly for having this joie de vivre. If I am to leave early, I would like it to be while doing something fun rather than hooked up to a machine in a hospital.

Noreen, you were a great music and life teacher and friend! Your spirit will be with me until my dying days. I will miss you.

ORMTA Colleagues

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