I’m a Husband, Therefore I Must Be An Idiot!

Do you ever notice that all TV ads use the same depiction of married couples…the husband does something stupid or outlandish while the wife reacts by cleaning up the mess or acting as the authority of what is logical and sensible. Ad agencies seem to rely on this formula in their storytelling. Once men get married, they revert back to childhood and become greedy doofuses while marching down the aisle has made all married woman into killjoys who all of a sudden have a stronger sense of logic and rationalism than even the smartest people on this earth.

Well media I’m here to tell you, I’m a husband and I’m not an idiot! Why do you always portray me like this? I know that retail shopping statistics tell us that women are responsible for the majority of the purchasing decisions within the average household. But do you think that constantly portraying husbands as imbeciles makes women want to buy your product or service more? Who wants to be married to an idiot?

Please don’t misinterpret this tirade as a male version of feminism, because guess what, woman are the brunt of the jokes in ads as well.

Do you ever notice that all single women are portrayed as bumbling bimbos in commercials while single guys are young, handsome and debonaire?? How do these roles reverse once we get married?

Come on mass media, you can do better than this! Are you that starved for creative ideas that you have to use the same stereotypes over and over again that are no where close to being realistic??

And BTW, if you think I’m blowing this out of proportion, the next time you watch TV, remember the 2 scenarios I presented here and I guarantee it won’t take long before you see it.

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