Abundance (photo by Photo by Jordan Madrid on Unsplash)

My Limiting Belief That’s Hard To Shake

I’ve worked a lot over they years to improve my mental health especially when it comes to changing my mindset and that inner voice in my head. In a nutshell, it’s been all about not allowing negative thoughts to overwhelm the messaging in my mind and instead focussing on the positive, even when things are not going my way. All this is easier said than done. While I have made major improvements in my life in this regard, it’s still easy to fall into the old traps and old messaging when becoming immersed within the daily ritual of everyday life. Thankfully, I can narrow it down to just one limiting belief that I am consciously aware of that continues to be prevalent in my psyche – that the world has limits. To be more specific, that the opportunities available to me in this world have limits.

Many of you might read a statement like this and think that this is a perfectly rational observation of the world we live in. If you think this is the case, I think you might be suffering with the same limiting belief I do! Think about it…there are absolutely no limits in this world. If you’re a musician like me and you think there’s not enough people out there interested in listening to your music, with all due respect, this is perfectly irrational. There are 7.753 billion people on the planet. If you get just 0.00001% of those people to listen and support your music, you would most likely be a millionaire.

We live on an abundant planet with an abundant amount of people, an abundant amount of money, an abundant amount of love, etc. Why would you not be deserving of all those resources?

Many people feel that the idea of abundance is the root of many of the planet’s current challenges, especially related to climate change. But I like to separate ‘abundance’ from ‘greed’. If your activity that strives towards leading an abundant life is not harming others or the planet, then why would you block yourself from achieving that?

That’s the million dollar question…if many of us could crack that nut, then it would help in our path towards better mental health. As for myself, I work at it everyday. By believing and feeling that my life and artistic pursuits are void of any limits, I’m getting one step closer.

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