Longing - composed by Frank Horvat

Longing in Sound and Picture

This past week saw the release of the music video for my piano composition, Longing.

My wife, Lisa, put’s together all of my videos. When the 4 new albums came out last fall, Lisa had the goal of creating a video for each of the 28 compositions from those 4 albums. Since then, she has been creatively chipping away – 19 down, 9 to go…

In this collection, she has produced some absolute visual gems! When I watch them, I can’t help but feel that I’m seeing the aural ideas of my music come to life through picture – it’s quite a feeling to have her as a fellow creative soul. To be close creatively is such an important element that I cherish in our relationship.

This new video has particularly touched me because the piece is part of a collection of pieces I composed for my piano album, You Haven’t Been, which addresses my battles with depression. The music is hollow and empty. The video encapsulates that but it also grasps the inner yearning for wanting something more, that little voice that is asking in a passionate way for more. I was definitely feeling this when I wrote it and I think the video helps expose that emotion in the music.

I’ve talked about my neurotic tendency to yearn before. But to explore it in music and now through visuals has truly been an eye-opening and healing experience for me. I write a lot of sad music. But ironically, somehow I feel better because of it.

Longing - composed by Frank Horvat

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