Blue Mind (Photo by Emma Harper on Unsplash)

More Blue Mind…Less Plastic

Yet another video posted on my Twitter feed this morning of plastic and garbage floating en masse in a pristine waterway. Despite the good intent of many to spread the word, research shows that the problem of plastic being dumped in our lakes, rivers and oceans is getting worse.

Many community groups have taken up the call by organizing cleaning parties. Many engineers are working at devising contraptions to clean up waterways in one fell swoop. I applaud these endeavours. I even notice many individuals out for a stroll picking up litter beside waterways (me included!)

But as a planet, if we’re serious about getting to the root of this epidemic, the problem has to be solved at the source…ban most plastic products!! Many will argue that this is too extreme. “Why should I have to lose out on the convenience since I recycle?” Agreed. But the problem is that there are too many that don’t share that same sense of responsibility. And unfortunately, because of this epidemic, those negligent ones are ruining it for everyone else.

So unless there’s some type of civil emergency, the sale of bottled water and other plastic packaged products that humans can live without should be banned internationally immediately. We won’t be able to dump anything we didn’t have in the first place and we’ll also be healthier for it at the same time.

BTW, my title refers to a book I read recently, Blue Mind by Wallace J. Nichols…highly recommended!

If you read this book and watch the videos below, I know that you will know that we must act NOW!

Blue Mind (Photo by Emma Harper on Unsplash)

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