Mr. Christie Cookie Factory Demolition

Mr. Christie’s, You’d Make Good Music!

The big debate in my South Etobicoke neighbourhood in Toronto is what should be done development-wise with the HUGE swath of land that was formerly the Mr. Christie’s cookie plant. I know it’s huge because I can see it out my condo window. Demolition crews have been tearing down the buildings for months now, and they’re still not done!!

From what I heard, the owner of the land wanted to originally build 15+ condos. City Council rejected that and I can’t help but agree even though I think building up is the only way to go to accommodate a burgeoning population and fight urban sprawl.

The other idea being bandied about was to make it commercial space and a transit hub. I like this. There’s so many people now living in this area because of the condos already built, it’s important for people to be able to shop local so they don’t have to rely on the car. But please no big box stores or traditional malls. I’m a huge fan of what they did with the former Don Mills Centre site.

And the transit hub, specifically making that a new GO Train Station…awesome idea! People could be downtown in 5 minutes relieving a lot of congestion on the TTC streetcars.

I think a few condos would be okay and some park/green space would also be nice.

Now here’s another idea I haven’t heard anyone mentioning…how about a performing arts centre/art gallery?!?! The idea just popped into my head because last night I had the privilege of performing at the Richmond Hill Performing Arts Centre. What a beautiful space that serves that community. Like most large cities, The Greater Toronto Area is growing like crazy. The whole stigma that downtown is where it’s at to get your dose of arts and culture is archaic. We need to ensure that all members of a community feel that their community has everything to offer right on their door step. Now I know The Assembly Hall is just down the road, and that’s a wonderful venue. But that’s still pretty far away and serves the Long Branch, Humber College and New Toronto communities. Mimico and Humber Bay Shores is far away with it’s own huge population density. There’s so many community arts groups desperate for space and a large population void of any culture…seems like a no-brainer, don’t you think?

The Mr. Christie’s site has already inspired a bit of art. It’s featured in one of my music videos…

Mr. Christie Cookie Factory

Mr. Christie Cookie Factory Demolition

Mr. Christie Cookie Factory Demolished

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