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My Hopes for Canada

Canadians have decided that they want a new government and a new direction for our country to take. I can’t help but feel optimistic. Here’s what I’m hoping as we move forward…

1. I hope Canada returns to respecting the rights of ALL its citizens.

2. I hope Canada puts just as much importance on health and well being of ourselves and the planet as it does the number of $$’s in our wallet.

3. I hope the new government finds balance between ensuring they manage the taxpayers’ money effectively while helping those most in need at the same time.

4. I hope Canada further supports, promotes and celebrates its artists and thinkers to help shape this country into an even greater place.

5. I hope Canada’s new Parliament ensures that this was the last election that I had to vote strategically and adopt representation by population so the votes of ALL Canadians are respected and represented.

6. I hope Canada returns to its compassionate and peacekeeping roots.

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