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I Need a New Physical Activity!

I have a lot of pride in the effort I take to maintain my health. I follow a very strict paleo diet and I walk at least 8-10 kms most days. But lately I feel like I need something else to look forward to. It’s nice to get regular fresh air but some more cardio would be nice. Most of all, it would be nice to start an activity that allows me to meet new people.

I grew up playing quite competitive soccer and even played in an adult rec league a bunch of years ago. But my piano teaching life makes my weekends completely booked. Weeknights could work but I don’t have a car so this activity would have to be transit accessible from my South Etobicoke community in Toronto.

I’m open (I think) to trying new sports. But I’m a bit nervous to do something that might injure or strain my piano-playing hands. I’m also open to the idea of doing a physical activity that’s not necessarily a sport but more of a regular group recreational activity. By nature, I can be ambitious and goal-oriented personally but I’m not necessarily competitive externally.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about this for awhile but I’m a bit stumped. Despite the many “excuses” I mentioned above, I am determined to try something new to broaden my physical and social horizons.

Any and all suggestions are welcome…thank you in advance!

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