Frank Horvat's New Year's Resolution

New Year’s Resolution

Well, I was going to have to break eventually. For the past 3 years, other than the odd day off once per month, I’ve been working every day. Yes, all 7 days per week! And despite doing all the right things like going for walks, meditating, eating healthy food, sleeping 8 hours and having downtime in the evening, my body still screamed at me!

So it was mid-December that I decided that this had to stop. I’m still battling a number of health issues. And let’s face it, being 42 years old is not the same as being 22 years old! Thus I made a pact with myself that starting this month, I would take one day off per week, specifically Monday. And if there were circumstances beyond my control that would not allow me to take that day off on a particular week, then I would carry it over to the next week and have 2 days off!

Part 2 of that resolution is especially important because life as a musician is not conducive to the 9 to 5 routine. Some weeks will have special events or projects that just need to be attended to. And I don’t want to disappoint myself that I wouldn’t be able to follow through.

In fact, I’ve started the new year not being able to follow through. I’m presently overseeing the recording of 5 songs from the musical I’m working on and I’m in the studio everyday this week and next week. So on the week of Jan 23, I’ll get 3 days off – how cool is that!?!

One of the reasons I never wanted to take a day off was because I felt that the more I worked on my music, the more I could get it out there and make “things” happen. I’ve come to the realization that being content and fulfilled within the present is much more important than aspirations for the future. This is not to say that I no longer have the drive to work hard on the music. Quite oppositely, I feel that a day off will refresh me to work more efficiently when I do compose and give me new, creative ideas to expand my creative output.

I’m excited about this change and I know all aspects of my life will benefit greatly because of it.

Frank Horvat's New Year's Resolution

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