Am I Good Enough? (photo by Hello I'm Nik ? on Unsplash)

I Am (Not Good) Enough

When I’m feeling depressed, the words “I Am Not Good Enough” can easily roll through my mind. As a musician and composer, it’s easy to feel that way when someone says no to you or you get a rejection letter. What’s interesting about the phrase, “I Am Not Good Enough”, is that if you remove the words “Not Good”, then all you are left with is “I Am Enough”.

All of a sudden the meaning and intention completely changes to something positive and liberating. In this fast-paced, dog-eat-dog world where many feel that they have to work longer, harder, sacrifice more and try to attain unattainable perfection, “I Am Enough” really becomes the most important mantra someone can tell themselves. There’s limits to everything, time is finite. If you live your life with a joy of purpose, doing the best you can, you have accomplished enough.

I know this to be a truth. But sometimes I forget and catch myself saying, “I Am Not Good Enough”. Then I quickly hit the delete key on “Not Good” in my head and everything seems better.

I Am Enough (photo by Hello I'm Nik ? on Unsplash)

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