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Piano Therapy Virtual Tour Filming

It was a physically and emotionally absorbing day to film the first phase of the Piano Therapy Virtual Tour. You would think that playing piano pieces on the theme of mental health for many hours in a row would be draining. But I have to say I felt the complete opposite…the experience was most therapeutic and I may even dare say fun.

This is in large part due to the amazing crew I had a chance to work with – director, Andrew Lamb, Erin, Alex and Iain from Endless Films, and Mike and Dex at Noble Street Studios.

What is the Piano Therapy Virtual Tour? It will be a series of hybrid events featuring the private screening of my solo piano concert film where I perform my compositions based on my own challenges and successes battling depression. The performance will be interspersed with storytelling about my journey. Following the screening, I will join a live event via video chat for a discussion, facilitated by the host organization’s mental health professional, where attendees can ask questions, share their thoughts and experiences.

The event is geared to college/university music students, specifically addressing the challenges of a life in music. It’s intended to be empathetic and inspiring — whether someone is battling a mental health issue themselves or they have a colleague or loved one who is. The event can also be an opportunity for the hosts to promote the mental health resources and services they have available to their community.

I am grateful for the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts for funding this project.

Next step in the production process is to film the “talkie bits” which should be happening next month. The film should be wrapped up in September so I will be ready to begin the tour this coming school year. If you are a Faculty member at a post-secondary music school and are interested in having the Piano Therapy Virtual Tour “visit” you, please email me. For updates on the progress of this project, feel free to sign up for my e-newsletter.

Piano Therapy Virtual Tour - Frank Horvat

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