Climate Change (Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash)

Reality Check on Our Relationship with Climate Change

Before there was Greta Thunberg, there was David Saddington. He got a lot of media coverage about his youthful activism to battle climate change. But then he realized his approach was completely wrong. Watch this…

I found this talk very profound as I often wonder why the world has not stepped up united to demand change to the way we live and make money. He nailed it on the head – we all look at climate change as this abstract scientific phenomena that doesn’t effect our everyday lives…unless it does, and then we care.

The words we choose impact our perception of everything. We need more impactful words. We need to think of climate change as something that impacts our everyday lives. We need to move on from always having to prove the science and justify our concern. Instead every single human being on this planet has to sit down and ask themselves, how will climate change impact every aspect of my life? Once everyone has gone through that process, then it becomes an instant no-brainer that action must be taken…now!

Climate Change (Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash)

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