Good Friday Isolation

Today’s Outlook

I look out the window and everything is quiet. Toronto remains in lockdown but it’s also a holiday…Good Friday. It’s also 1 week before the new album comes out. Something that started as a reaction to the pandemic and it’s become one of my most special musical and life experiences.

Normally, such an experience would bring me tremendous joy. But I have to admit I feel very bittersweet. While I’m touched by the feedback and connections I have made (that has warmed my heart), I have also been feeling sorrow for all those who have suffered and died plus have anxiety about the when and how of the future.

I’m excited to share the album but I also want to crawl into a hole and never come out. I guess there’s good and bad that comes out of self-isolation. Thank you for helping me cope. ❤️

Good Friday Isolation

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