Protect Against EMFs

How I (Try To) Protect Myself From EMFs

There’s no doubt that we live in a day and age when we are constantly surrounded by electronic gadgets. I just think about my own daily routine – my laptop is on all day, our office has two computers and various music equipment/devices running as we work, we have a large flatscreen TV, we enjoy the constant convenience of wireless internet…the exposure to EMFs in my life is relentless!

Many feel that the consequences to one’s health from EMFs is an urban myth. I respectfully disagree. There’s been some research to show that prolonged exposure to EMFs is not good for you. I’ve also seen first-hand in my own life how loved ones become quite physically debilitated if they are within a close distance to a cellphone or wifi.

So despite the fact that I rely on technology and devices so much in my everyday life, there are little steps that I have taken to try to minimize exposure…

  • All electronic devices are on a power bar so when not in use, the power bar is turned off.

  • I keep the amp for my desk speakers under my desk. When I’m not working on music stuff but sitting at my desk, the amp is turned off.

  • We had the EMF levels in our home professionally measured and have installed Graham-Stetzer filters in particular hot spots to minimize the emission of “dirty” electricity from electrical sockets.

  • I shut down my computer completely at the end of the day and I turn off the “looking for wifi” function when I’m away from my computer for prolonged periods. There is no need for my computer to be constantly calling in the wifi routers’ signals of all my neighbours.

  • I unplug our Wifi router before I go to bed and plug it back in when I wake up.

  • Each night, we shut off the breaker that controls electricity to our bedroom so there’s minimal exposure to current as we sleep.

  • Our alarm clock is battery powered.

  • Our cellphone is never on at home (it gets forwarded to our land line) or when we’re out and about (especially while travelling in a vehicle) unless we’re expecting an important call or having to use it for a specific task at that time.

  • Our home phone is hard wired, not cordless.

  • We tried to choose a home far enough away from big power lines and cellphone towers… But that’s another story.

Since the whole field of study in this area is still relatively new, only time will tell if my efforts to minimize exposure will bring me a longer, healthier life. Many will say that all my efforts are not going to make a difference. If they’re right, then I’m guilty of wasting my time. If they’re wrong though…

Protect Against EMFs

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