Climate Change COP out (Photo by Wilco Van Meppelen on Unsplash)

What a COP Out!

The world is coming together in Bonn, Germany from November 6-17 to talk climate change. This is COP 23 as it has become known. Looking at the Conference’s web site, you’d think that all the smiling faces and pleasant disposition of those featured would give us, the citizens of the world, the feeling that the world’s carbon emissions are finally getting under control. The sad reality is that the opposite is taking place. News recently delivered the sad fact that the important Paris Agreement is already obsolete in it’s goals of curbing emissions.

So where do we go from here? Are we really on a track towards Armageddon? Many I talk to objectively believe that we are. Even if the world were to cut emissions now, there’s a strong chance we’re past the point of no return. And while I’m not a scientist, my gut tells me that we still have hope!

Each and every one of us needs to look ourselves in the mirror and ask, what can I do to reduce my carbon footprint significantly? Is it important for me that my child and grandchildren’s generation doesn’t look at me as their slow killers? Are the so-called “sacrifices” I would have to make today to be more eco-friendly going to make me less happy…might I even be more happy? Will I only elect politicians who share my concern and have concrete plans to transition into a fully functional green energy economy?

We are way beyond arguing on the validity of man-made climate change. We are beyond any discussion about one’s human right to pollute and live a life of excess. We must get on with this now! The moment we tell the powers-that-be in Bonn that this is the most important issue to ever face humankind and action must be taken now, is the moment we will see emissions lower substantially so we have a fighting chance for survival.

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