Anniversary Rose

Happy Anniversary to Us!

This week, Lisa and I are celebrating our 25th ‘being-together’ anniversary and our 20th wedding anniversary (May 17 & 18 respectively). When it comes to this time of year each year, everyone is always shocked by how long we’ve been together. And it is true, being in our early 40s, we have been together for a huge chunk of our lives. We’ve definitely changed as individuals since those early high school years, but thankfully, we seemed to have changed together and complimented each other’s personalities.

I feel like I’m starting to get to an age now where much of the past 25 years is starting to get blurred. I don’t have many specific memories of our history together. But I always do remember the feeling of love, warmth and comfort with each other. This must stay vivid because it is constant.

I am so lucky to have Lisa as my life partner. That’s why this week’s anniversaries (and each and every day) are so special.

Thanks to our friends and family who have been part of this miraculous ride!

Anniversary Rose

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