Last 5 Books

Last 5 Books I’ve Read

The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason
It’s basically a self-help book on managing your personal finances but the messaging is told through a variety of short parables set in ancient Babylon. The book was written in the 1920s so its tone seems a bit not up to par for what would be acceptable in our modern time. Otherwise, the creative storytelling gives some practical money tips…especially invest 10% of all that you earn!

Inside by Alix Ohlin
Enjoyed this novel a lot! Very much based around mental health issues but I did not find it overly dark or depressing. Really cool structure where it jumps around chronologically and the 4 main characters intertwine at various points of that chronology.

Notes on a Foreign Country by Suzy Hansen
Book of non-fiction by a journalist who moves to Turkey after September 11 to learn more about the Middle East. I learned so much about traditions and customs from that part of the world…especially how westerners’ perceptions of the Middle East are not necessarily reality. Really good book because it’s part journalistic in tone, but also part travel and coming-of-age memoir. Nice to get educated and also entertained at the same time.

Going Home Again by Dennis Bock
I really enjoyed this novel because the city I call home (Toronto) is an important element even though the entire book is not set in Toronto. A great book dealing with midlife and coming to terms with trauma experienced in the past and present.

One Hundred Names for Love by Diane Ackerman
A beautiful book of non-fiction written by an acclaimed poet about the life challenges she faces in taking care of her husband after he suffers a massive stroke. This book impacted me so because of the fact that my life partner is my soulmate and we’re both artists. What if this would happen to us? How would I cope? I learned a lot by reading Diane’s experience.

What are the last 5 books you’ve read?

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