Mental Health at Christmas

Mental Health at Christmas

I love Christmas! It’s in these weeks leading up to the holiday season that I start to look forward to it a lot. Because I have a small family, I usually spend the holidays very quietly. It’s usually a time for rest and reflection. It’s been a busy year, so it’s something that I will enjoy.

I do acknowledge though that it is a stressful time of the year for many. The folks at rehab4addiction have shared the infographic below with me that covers the causes of negative mental health at Christmas and ways to protect yourself to better manage your health at this time of year.

So please read and share widely. Together we can help each other cope.

Mental Health Christmas Infographic

If you need mental health help, get it! Contact medical professionals in your community right now. Above are resources available in the UK. Here’s places to contact in Canada and the US.

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