Music for the Planet Spotify Playlist (Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash)

Music for the Planet Playlist

In celebration of Earth Month, I need your help…I’m on a mission to compile and curate the biggest and most diverse Spotify playlist dedicated to music which celebrates and/or stands up for the environment. I’m inviting you to provide your suggestions to add to the playlist…it could be songs or instrumentals, pop, classical, any and all genres accepted!

I’m looking for music that brings to light the importance of protecting the environment. The music can be beautiful, inspiring and meditative but also defiant and in-your-face. My goal here is to provide a platform to celebrate and promote artists who are standing up for the health of our planet! We are at a crossroads. Our natural resources are depleting, species are going extinct and climate change is out of control. This is the time for musicians to stand up and demand action and have their work reflect the importance of our environment.

So if you are a performer, songwriter or composer and your eco-music is available on Spotify, email me links to the tracks on Spotify. If there are songs or instrumentals on the eco-theme you love on Spotify by other artists, let me know about it.

Let’s build together this enormous collection of music for our planet! ❤️?☮️?

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