New Home (Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash)

I’ll Be (in a New) Home for Christmas

Actually, the tense is incorrect…I AM in a new home for Christmas! Yes, that’s correct, for those of you who know my wife, Lisa and I, you will not be surprised to read that we have moved…again!! The stars aligned and gave us a wonderful life opportunity to sell our condo and purchase a new condo in the same South Etobicoke community within Toronto that we have resided in for over 13 years now. One of the perks of living in this neighbourhood is being so close to beautiful Lake Ontario and lovely green space. With this new condo, we have now inherited a great view of the lake. It also has a great layout that will allow us to nicely use our new space for the separate but equally important live and work functions.

The move itself went very smooth. There was quite a bit of work to purge stuff and donate it before we packed it, but we got through it. Now we’re unpacking, trying to figure out where to put stuff and assembling some new furniture. It’s not exactly the type of thing you usually do leading up to the Holiday Season, but I still find the timing significant in that it’s normally at this time of year that I reflect on the year that was, all that I accomplished and all the things I am grateful for. To move into such a wonderful space with the person I love is the greatest gift I can ever hope to achieve. I am so looking forward to all the memories and ideas that will be nurtured in this new space. While there will be no Christmas decorations this year, this will be without a doubt one of the most amazing Christmas’ ever.

I want to thank you, my supportive friends and followers, for all your support throughout this very eventful 2019. It was a wonderful year filled with so many life-changing moments. I am so grateful that you have an interest in what I do and what I stand for. I know 2020 will bring many more amazing moments for all of us. However you celebrate, I wish you the very best during this Holiday Season…Season’s Greetings!

“What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future.” – Agnes M. Pahro

New Home (Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash)

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