R&R in Otterville

This past week, Lisa and I got away to a nice Airbnb in Ontario’s farming communities that make up Norfolk County. Rest and relaxation was at the top of our priory list for such a vacation.

When we started 2020, there were many grand plans in the works for travel this year: June in Quito for the world premiere of Pedal Music, July in Europe for health/wellness gatherings and playing concerts, then Banff in August for a residency to compose new music. All of it of course was cancelled because of the Pandemic. We had not been anywhere overnight since last Christmas when we visited my parents in Ottawa. Thankfully, life has been very comfortable during our time in self-isolation. We are blessed to have a home we love. But that being said, it was still important for us to get away and have a change in scenery. If/when the second wave of COVID arrives, we might have no choice but to be in self-isolation once again and therefore not have the ability to visit anywhere…again.

That’s why this little 4-day / 3-night trip was so important to us. We live in a beautiful neighbourhood here in Toronto close to spacious urban parks and the lake. But there’s still a lot of hustle and bustle like any big city has. It was important to be able to be outside and enjoy complete solitude and peace. To have the only noise be the breeze through the trees is wonderful.

The Airbnb had this beautiful calm pond. Lisa had never been in a row boat before. So we put on some life jackets and I paddled us out to the middle of this pond…yes I know very romantic ?.

We played badminton…something we had not done in a long time. I think I pulled some muscles I had not used in a while because I’m still sore?.

The more sedate playing of cards and roasting marshmallows over a campfire while looking up at the stars was pretty amazing too.

Other than staying on the “homestead”, we also went on some wonderful hikes in nearby provincial parks and conservation areas. I love the feeling of being alone and standing among tall trees for as far as the eye can see. It reminds us that we are not the only important living things on this planet.

So our little getaway wasn’t just a relaxing time, but a time for therapy. I feel like I’m ready to start the fall season and I feel like I’m ready to face anything that life might throw my way.


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