Nourished Roots with Haley and Paddy at the farmer's market

Shout-Out to the Farmers!

One of the wonderful initiatives in my Toronto community is the Saturday morning Farmer’s Market. From May to October, a good chunk of our vegetables come from Haley and Paddy and their Nourished Roots organic farm. Their stand at the market is brimming with the most colourful, nutritious, and yummy produce you can get. They’ve got the standard fare but then they also grow some more exotic stuff that I had no idea even existed.

Normally Lisa goes to the market on her own. But since I have the summer off from teaching, I really enjoy accompanying her and soaking up all that local farmers and artisans have to offer. There’s probably no turning back from the big-box supermarkets that we all rely on to fill our fridges. But it is a nice option (at least sometimes) to nourish ourselves from something grown in our community’s backyard.

To make this world a healthier place, we need to do everything in our power to support local farmers.


Weekend Farmer's Market

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