Duran Duran

Songs I Hate I Love

As a composer of modern classical music, you would think that my musical taste is focussed primarily on the unique, mind-bending or strange. While there’s much in the avant-garde and experimental music world that I appreciate and love, I like to think that I appreciate all types of music. To ensure that I’m exposed to everything, I have a daily habit of listening to one album per day. My source for what to listen to is primarily award and prize short lists…again in all categories. So yes, I listen to my fair share of country, hip-hop and pop albums. Surprisingly there’s much I appreciate musically and production wise that’s inspired my own compositional voice.

But once in a while there are songs that come along that just stay in my head. I ask myself, this is a terrible song…why can’t I help but listen and sing along? Sometimes it get’s to a level of self-chastising that can merciless:)! But I still can’t help but listen if it comes up on a playlist or over the speakers at a doctor’s office.

So here are the songs that I have a hate/love/hate relationship with:

Every time Celine climbs the ladder in the chorus, I must sing along…Damn you, Celine:)!!

The instrumental parts are so cheesy. His voice is so nasally in an annoying way. Why must I listen every time then???

When I was kid, I gladly changed the words of the chorus to “My name is Frank, and I hate Duran Duran”. But if I hate Duran Duran, why can’t I stop singing this f**kin song?!?!

When I was a teenager growing up in Ottawa, I had a part time job working in a music store. Every person who came in to the store to try a keyboard or piano would play the opening riff. It drove me crazy!!!! But then I started playing it myself from time to time…argh!!!!!!

The video is the most sexist thing I’ve ever seen. The song is beyond stinky fromage. But when that chorus hits, I always belt it at the top of my lungs.

I realize that hating oneself is not good for mental health. But this is the extent of how I hate myself these days, so life’s pretty good.

What’s on your list of songs that you hate you love?