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Tribute to Another Frank Horvat

This past week, I heard of the passing of famed photographer, Frank Horvat, at the age of 92. I came upon Mr. Horvat’s work back in the 1990s when I googled myself (I know…that’s vain). Having just started my professional music career, there was not much content online about me, however there was much to see and read about Mr. Horvat. Rightfully so, his iconic fashion photography was trailblazing from the 1950s to 80s.

While I am quite certain that we have no familial connection (“Horvat” is quite a common last name in Central Europe) and we never met in person, I always felt a special kinship to my more famous name-sake. After all, our family roots are from the same part of the world and we are artists.

About 7 or 8 years ago, I mustered up the courage to email Mr. Horvat and ask if I might use one of his photos…in of all places…the back of my business card (see below). He replied very promptly with a kind and generous tone. He told me that he had visited my web site and sampled my music and said that he enjoyed it. He told me that his son was a musician so music always had a special place in his heart. He jokingly lamented how I beat him to the punch years ago to secure the rights to the web site address – www.frankhorvat.com. But otherwise, he graciously allowed me to use his photo for my business card.

That was our only encounter. But it made a big impact on me. A brief correspondence demonstrated to me that being cordial and friendly is possible anywhere, anytime, between anyone. While Mr. Horvat’s exemplary work will live on for me in its visual format for years to come, his spirit as a human being will also remain in my heart. It’s an honour and privilege to share the same name with this great artist.

RIP, Frank Horvat.

Qc 89 10_HORVAT-1989 hungary geese gaggle

1989 Frank Horvat photographer (Hungarian geese)

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