With The Sun painting by Billy Rae Busby

With The Sun

Happy New Year, Friends! Lisa and I put away our Christmas decorations earlier this week. It’s a nice annual tradition to clean up and make everything tidy. It’s like a renewal, starting the new year with a clean slate. Rather than jump back into work at our desks, we decided to sit on the couch and look ahead to the exciting year that’s in front of us. As we did that, we stared at the beautiful painting that dominates our living space – ‘With The Sun’, by Billie Rae Busby.

With The Sun painting by Billie Rae Busby

This amazing piece of artwork came into our home last year. Lisa and I wanted to do something special to celebrate our special anniversary year – 30 years of being together, 25 years of marriage, 9 years of working full-time together. So we commissioned Billie Rae to create this painting in recognition of all this. It has quickly become one of our most treasured possessions!

We met Billie Rae when we were both on residencies at the Banff Centre in the Fall of 2021. She has such a distinct abstract artistic language that we were instantly drawn to. I find her work so energetic and positive. Her work is inspired by nature, it makes me feel connected to the world around us.

Billie Rae called our painting ‘With The Sun’ because it’s in tribute to my piano composition, ‘Working With the Sun’. She listened to my music as she created this piece. I’m very honoured by this. I love the idea that as artists, we inspire each other…it’s our circle of life.

Visual art is one of my favourite artistic disciplines outside of music. I feel privileged that we have had the opportunity to include a number of original works by modern artists in our home. Lisa and I are minimalists at heart when it comes to the amount of material possessions we have in our possession. But having art on the wall is not included in this. A unique creation is truly a prized possession. Something that is created with love and passion, something that is admired and appreciated from the same place in our hearts. ❤️

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