What Goes Around Film Fest

When my album of minimalist / loop-oriented music, What Goes Around, came out in October 2019, on the Centrediscs label, I had a vision that it would be a wonderful experience to have filmmakers and video artists interpret the “loopy” nature of the music through moving visuals. So I commissioned 6 Canadian artists to do just that. I had admired their work previously, but to see what they came up with to accompany my music absolutely blew my mind!

This week saw the completion of this year-long endeavour where videos had been trickling in gradually during that time. I thought it would be nice to present all 6 videos in this blog post so you can experience the shorts consecutively. It’s so amazing to see the varied approach that each artist took.

So without further ado, I present to you the What Goes Around Film Festival! Enjoy!!

A Little Loopy
Visuals: Sunny Stanila
Musician: Sharlene Wallace

What the Walls Feel as they Stare at Rob Ford Sitting in his Office
Visuals: Guillaume Pelletier-Auger
Musician: Peter Stoll

Wood & Metal Bars
Visuals: Richard Reeves
Musician: Beverley Johnston

Sunken Carousel
Visuals: Matthew Maaskant
Musicians: Sharlene Wallace,
Michael Davidson, Frank Horvat, Joseph Phillips

7 Pianos
Visuals: Moïa Jobin-Paré
Musician: Frank Horvat

I Love You
Visuals: Lisa Horvat
Voices: various


Many thanks to FACTOR for their support in making these videos possible. #FACTORfunded

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