Mivos Quartet

Great News, But Now What?

This week, I received wonderful news that the Mivos Quartet has agreed to collaborate with me in bringing my large-scale string quartet project, The Thailand HRDs, to musical life. Mivos will come to Toronto in August to spend 2 days in the studio to record all 35-movements. At present, we’re working really hard to also set-up a world premiere live performance while they’re here.

Why did I want to work with Mivos? Easy, they’re an amazing and dynamic group that is playing a lot of cutting-edge music all around the world. They’re not afraid to take chances and make a bold statement through music. Just watch and listen to this…

This project has come a long way since I first heard about Luke’s photo essay and we first connected. The composition is complete. I was fortunate to receive grants and an award. I’ve had the pleasure of developing friendships with Luke and Protection International. Now, how can we combine our respective abilities to help bring more awareness about the plight of those Thai activists who are fighting against environmental degradation of their local communities?

With Mivos coming on board, it feels like the last major puzzle piece has been put in place to bring about our goal. But I can’t help but think ahead. What will happen once the recording is complete and the piece get’s premiered…how will we be able to use this new music to bring about more awareness to the plight of Human Rights Defenders in Thailand and around the world?

Mivos Quartet

UPDATE NOV 16, 2018
This project has culminated in the release of the album, For Those Who Died Trying, performed by the Mivos Quartet.

#music4HRDs is circling the globe as classical musicians are raising awarness of violence against Human Rights Defenders with their moving online video campaign.

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