New Year 311

Sorry I’ve been kind of out of touch digitally for a bit… you know you’ve been amiss in communicating when several people start wondering if you are ok. Well, to tell you the truth, I’ve had an amazing end to 2015 and 2016 has started wonderfully too!

Toronto 311
If you ever need info about Toronto, just pick up the phone and call 311. I guarantee you the best part will be the wait! The hold music is from a great selection of Toronto artists. I’m humbled that my band’s Song for the Bluebird has been included. Check it out when you have a burning question!

Gerald Busby Followup
You may remember my post, “The Curious Case of Gerald Busby“. The reason it was curious is that Gerald is a wonderful and highly acclaimed composer in NYC yet, thanks to his musical curiosity, he approached little ‘ol me online about my music and we began corresponding. Although we hadn’t even talked on the phone or met in person, there seemed to be this great connection. Well, when I wrote that blog post, I didn’t even have the courage to call him up and have a chat. Well, I finally did and that conversation turned into being invited to his 80th birthday bash in NYC. Gerald Busby is one of those unique people who leave something of their spirit in you every time you talk. I know this because I made the trip to New York City just for his birthday. I met some new artist/musician friends during that trip, spent some wonderful time in MOMA but the highlight was definitely my afternoon with Gerald. This 24 hours in NYC was one of my highlights of 2015.

Yes, Gerald has had a hard life (see this documentary they are making about him – but his spirit and generosity continues to shine through even stronger at 80 years. I feel extremely fortunate to now call him a friend.

Great Online Concert Series
Gerald had a performance of his chamber music at the oldest church in NYC last week. Lisa and I were able to attend…digitally. Trinity Wall Street live streams all their concerts. And they practically have a concert every day! So if you ever want to check out a concert in NYC without having to leave the comfort of your own home, check it out!

So much to look forward to with the dawn of a new year! Whatever your dreams and passions are, wishing you a 2016 filled with much love, happiness and success!

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