Spend Your Kids' Inheritance - The Musical

Make plans to ‘Spend Your Kids’ Inheritance’

I’m so excited this week! I’ve been working on the music for this musical project for 5 years now. But this is the first week when I can really talk about it coming to life since we’re about 2 months away from unleashing Spend Your Kids’ Inheritance onto the world, or at least at the Toronto Fringe, this July.

This project has been very special to me…for a number of reasons. First off, it’s the first musical I’ve composed in my professional career. I always like taking chances creatively. Being out of my usual compositional comfort zone has been awesome because of the new ideas it has spawned.

Spend Your Kids’s Inheritance is also a comedy. And for a composer like me who’s pieces are usually inspired by serious or sad themes, this has been a welcome change in producing a creative equilibrium.

Getting to collaborate with such a talented bunch outside the music field has been an invigorating experience since I’ve learned so much about other creative peoples’ processes. That’s been a big influence on me not just for this project but for the other things I’ve worked on while this has been a part of my life.

And lastly, to work on a show that has a strong message has been so amazing, especially on the issue of respect for the wishes of seniors. There’s not a lot out there that addresses this. To be part of a project that creates a platform to have mature performers playing seniors as smart, funny and ambitious individuals has been a joy.

So there you have it! I’ve got a bit of music to finish up, otherwise, we’re ready to make this happen. We have a great team and the stage to share it. Now, all we need is you!

Musicals are expensive endeavours, even with a shoe-string budget. So if you can spare any amount to help cover our expenses, I would be forever grateful. Our crowdfunding campaign is now underway and we have a lot of amazing gifts and perks. Not only will you have fun donating and getting some amazing stuff, but you will also be an important force that will make a very special show, with a special message, happen. Thank you in advance – we couldn’t do this without you!

Spend Your Kids' Inheritance - The Musical

Toronto Fringe Festival 2019

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